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layouts by hannah & carley:

exit emergency.

layouts by hannah & carley ♥
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ninety-two miles per hour

a layout community

this is yet another layout community where we (hannah & carley) will post premade layouts for you to use. we mostly make quite simple but effective layouts. if you need to contact us for any reason, please email us at prettycity@gmail.com.

- always credit me.we don't mind whether you just use a text link or you use a banner, which can be found below. if we discover you haven't credited me, you'll be banned.

- when you take a layout, please comment in the entry that the layout is posted in.

- do not post our layouts in other places, or steal my layouts and claim them as your own. we will find out.

- no promoting. there are other communities for that.

- we'd rather you didn't edit the layouts, but if you have to please comment on the entry and tell us what you'd like to edit.
promotion/credit banners

text link

more banners will be added soon.
wall of shame
none yet. don't be the first.

no affiliates yet, if you'd like to be one email us at prettycity@gmail.com.